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Ayato Yuri「百合 絢斗」 is a supporting character of Yarichin Bitch Club.


Ayato has long pink hair that goes to his shoulders. His clothes consist of a white button-up shirt that has a few buttons lose at the top which is followed by him wearing an over-sized pink sweater on top that sometimes goes past his shoulders. His pants are black which matched his also black painted nails. He also wears a choker that has a charm on it which always matches his earring in his left ear.

One very noticeable object on Ayato is that he is always seen wearing his black sunglasses in which you cannot see his eyes though. Although in later chapters, we get a glimpse at what his eye color is as it is pink.


Ayato is a sex-maniac who at first glance appears stupid but despite behaving in an unintelligent manner, Ayato is one of the most intelligent student's at Mori Mori High scoring highest in the school's ranking.

Ayato is also a caring and compassionate person as seen later on with Toru Fujisaki.


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  • The name Ayato is composed of the character 絢 which means "brilliant" and 斗 which is a liquid measure, but can be a reference to Big Dipper (北斗).
  • Ayato's surname Yuri (百合) means "lily".
  • Ayato's least favorite food is Melon.



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